You are Enough

Thought for the Day
To every single child of God:
You are enough – good enough, strong enough, wise enough, powerful enough, rich enough – not through anything you have done yourself but through what Christ has done for you.
You are the righteousness of God in Him, you can do anything through Him who gives you strength, you have the mind of Christ, you have the power of the Holy Spirit, you are blessed with every blessing of heaven.
You are enough.
So what’s left for you to prove? And who do you think you have to prove anything to? Not to mere human beings enslaved to the god of this world, not to yourself, and certainly not to God.
2 Cor. 5:21, Phil. 4:13, 1 Cor. 2:16, Acts 1:8, Eph. 1:3
So quit your striving, quit wearing yourself out with things that ultimately won’t matter. Rest in God.

What it Means to Love

Thought for the Day

Relationships are not about finding someone who will make you happy. It’s all about loving them so much that your first concern is for them, to see them whole and happy – to do all you can to keep them confident in the the Lord, themselves, and confident that they are good enough for you and all you could ever ask for. Love means finding your greatest happiness in their happiness and your highest enjoyment in seeing their joy.

What is Church?

Thought for the Day

The church is full of bench-warmers who want to be on the winning team but not in the game. This has happened because our “church services” attract and create that kind of attitude by leaving nearly all of the body completely passive. Like wise the church is “asleep” because every week she’s given a few lullabies and a bed-time story. If we want to see the radical change of the church waking up and becoming what she is meant to be then we must first make a radical shift in our thinking.

We pray for revival and but continue to “do church” as usual, yet church isn’t where we go or what we do but who we are. It’s been said that church is not a social club, but isn’t that at least closer to what it should be rather than the weekly performance it’s been turned into? How much of that performance do you even remember each week? How much do you engage with any of the people you “go to church with” each week?

I challenge everyone reading this to go through Acts and the epistles which follow, and look for every mention of what the church is and does. Then see how your idea of “church” measures up to what Scripture says. It is my ever-growing conviction that we have gotten dangerously off track. We have nullified the Word of God for the sake of our traditions (Matthew 15:6). We are in danger of worshiping God in vain, only following man-made rules (Matthew 15:9). It’s time things changed. Who’s up the challenge?

Fix Your Eyes

Thought for the Day

Fixing our eyes on Jesus is not about looking for Him in the midst of our mess, for He stands apart from it all. No, we must completely turn from everything around us in order to turn to Him. Then we will see Him and only Him and when we do then we will know His peace and the joy of His presence.

God, help me to fix my eyes only on You, turning my back on everything else in my life trusting You to take care of it all. I want You only.

I Trust You

Thought for the Day
Sometimes the hardest thing to do is nothing. To give up control and wait on God. Through it we learn patience. More than that though, we learn to let God be in control and follow His lead even when that means doing nothing but trusting Him.
My prayer, “I’m not in control, God, and I don’t want to be.So when I try to take it back from Your hands, Lord, let Your Spirit remind me.’Cause even though I don’t know Your plans, I know that they are good,’cause You are good. So good to me.”
I do trust You.

10 Things to be thankful for from God’s Word

Thought for the Day

10 Things I’m thankful for from God’s Word because they comfort me in the trials and pain of life.

God, I thank You that:

You are in control of everything and You work all of it out for my good. (Romans 8:28)

You are close to the brokenhearted and You rescue those who are crushed in spirit. (Ps. 34:18)

Even if everyone else should forsake me, You will never leave or abandon me. (Heb. 13:5)

You have seen every tear that I’ve cried and kept and made note of them all. (Ps. 56:8)

One day You will wipe every tear from my eyes and forever take away all my pain. (Rev. 21:4)

The suffering I experience doesn’t compare to what you’re about to reveal in me – the radiance of Your glory. (Romans 8:18)

You never allow me to get too far of course before You whisper in my ear, “This is the way to go.” (Isiah 30:21)

Your unfathomable peace guards my heart and mind when I give my burdens to You. (Phil. 4:7)

You’re the best friend I could ever have because You laid down Your life for me. (John 15:13)

You always have hold of my hand so that though I stumble I cannot ever fall down. (Ps. 37:24)

I Choose Love

Thought for the Day

Love is not always accepted and love is not always returned to us, yet it must always be given. If we only love those who return our love how are we different from the world? Do we only invest in others when we have a reasonable expectation of return? Or do we love and invest in others for their sake and God’s glory, no matter what we see in this life, trusting in God that all we’ve done for Him is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58). God, help me to love as You do – always patient, always hoping, and never failing (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). I choose to love no matter what.